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Jacques Chaput Blanc de Noirs
Jacques Chaput Blanc de Noirs

Jacques Chaput Blanc de Noirs

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Location: Aube
Composition: 100% Pinot Noir
Base Vintage: 2006
Number of Vintages: Millésime
Date of Tirage: May 2007
Date of Disgorgement: April 2013
Dosage: 8.5 grams per litre
Alcohol Content: 12%
Structure: récoltant manipulant (RM)
Proprietors: Jack Chaput
Terroir: Chalk and silt
Cultivation: 14 hectares
Yearly Production: 10,000 bottles

Characteristics: Creamy mousse with very fine bubbles. Nose is straight forward: freshly pressed pinot noir grapes with hints of citrus and red fruit. Corpulant flavor, full bodied and meaty. Notes of butter and fresh honey. The fruit aromas are heightened by a very pleasant crispness. A really clean Champagne that is the opposite of classic Blanc de Noir, which can be too heavy or too powerful.